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Super Duper Busy Girl

Assalamualaikum and hai everyone!

Hahahah speaking!

Okey for this time, this post.. I try write it in English. Kinda get inspiration from somebody I guess? It's good you know :)

As you guys already know, I already in my degree in Puncak Alam in same coarse as my diploma. Same? Yeah, and getting hard! Cry a bucket for all of these!

When you have to do your assignment and wifi like playing hide and seek with you
Lecturers give last minute assignments
When you want to study but you don't even understand a word what you read
Then when you plan to go home and get some relax session at you home, suddenly have to cancel since you got too many assignments and also commitments.

* Urghh *

For now, I only want to final as soon as possible and take a rest. But seriously, I can get rest during my semester break?

But what will I do?



And when next semester begin,

 I will ask myself

 "Why I so fat ha?"

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